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Bringing skills and knowledge together: a network of experts working for you

To respond to very wide-ranging customer requirements, we can rely on a network of partners that we have nurtured over many years.

Ever since oneword GmbH was first founded, we have been collaborating with expert partners in our own industry and with companies from other industries that have valuable expertise to contribute. This helps us to develop interdisciplinary solutions for translation, translation management and terminology, all delivered by the same provider. In recent years, we have continually expanded our partner network, bringing additional interdisciplinary expertise on board, such that it now represents an important component of our success.

In this way, we have already developed and implemented numerous made-to-measure complete solutions in the partner environment on behalf of our customers. We are proud that, through our network, we are able to offer you an even broader range of services, from advice to implementation, to handle complexity, to simplify your processes and to grow and develop through every new challenge that comes our way.

The strengths of our partners are also our strengths


SCHEMA ST4 is one of the world’s most widely used XML content management systems for intelligent information management in technical documentation. Multilingual, multi-variant product descriptions can be published automatically in a number of target formats and with a direct link to translation systems. As a certified SCHEMA partner, oneword assists, advises and supports SCHEMA clients in finding the optimal design, integration and automation for their translation processes in conjunction with SCHEMA ST4.


Across Systems GmbH, based in Karlsbad, Germany, manufactures one of the leading software platforms on the market for computer-aided translation and managing multilingual translation processes within companies. As a certified technology partner of Across, oneword has been using the Across Language Server and the crossTerm terminology management system for over 10 years. oneword supports and advises clients of Across in establishing secure, optimised and automated translation processes in Across.


Plunet BusinessManager is one of the market leaders in translation management systems. It gives language service providers and internal language services the ability to manage all translation processes and company workflows with automation and control. oneword has been using this web-based translation & business management system for highly efficient, automated project management since the end of 2019. oneword’s clients and suppliers benefit from the seamless connection to our business processes. By using the web-based order platform oneTask, clients and suppliers can retrieve, review and track offers, orders, information, data and statistics in real time.


SDL Trados Studio is the world’s leading software for computer-aided translation. Many products and innovations appear under the SDL umbrella brand every year. oneword is a certified technology partner of SDL. In addition to the CAT systems Trados Studio and SDL GroupShare, oneword uses MultiTerm Server for terminology management and Passolo for software localisation. In exchange with SDL WorldServer and by using GroupShare, we pave the way for innovative, transparent translation processes in cooperation with corporate translation departments and support automation in doing so.


SYSTRAN, headquartered in Paris, is one of the pioneers in machine translation technology. The software was developed back in the 1960s, has been expanded many times since then and now offers over 130 language combinations. The hybrid technology is based on self-learning techniques and makes it possible to gear machine translation to any subject area or corporate objective. In close cooperation with SYSTRAN, oneword trains and optimises the translation results from SYSTRAN, performing analyses and evaluations and post-editing the machine output.


translate5 is the only cloud-based open source translation system for the commercial translation sector whose development is supported by a community of translation service providers and that is completely independent. oneword has supported, assisted and used translate5 since its beginnings in 2011. The high-performing team around CEO and chief programmer Marc Mittag gives oneword the ability to jointly develop customised solutions for our clients and make existing workflows more efficient: by automating, supplementing and streamlining processes.


DeepL (formerly Linguee) is an online provider of the currently most successful machine translation system for neural machine translation (NMT) and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany. oneword uses the DeepL Pro enterprise licence, which integrates machine translations into CAT-supported translation processes with data security and encryption and without third-party access. This gives oneword clients the benefits of machine translation under the strict EU data protection regulations and with maximum data security.


Specific text genres or types of content are often subject to different quality requirements or risks in the translation. Together with our partner RisikoScouts, we conduct risk analyses in workshops and develop tailor-made instruments for error rate assessment and objective quality measurement. We also perform independent quality measurements of existing texts for clients and check translation routines and workflows for gaps in quality.


crossbase is a software manufacturer of editorial and cross-media content management systems that can be designed flexibly to fit the needs of individual businesses. We act as a development partner for translation-specific processes.

Softwarezentrum Böblingen/Sindelfinden e.V.

Multiple security levels, high availability, the highest data transfer rates: Our 600 sqm of office space are located in the “Softwarezentrum Böblingen/Sindelfingen e.V.”, where we have been a member since 2005. The Software Centre is a technology park with 110 member companies, primarily geared to IT companies. It is one of the largest sector-related technology centres in Europe and is part of the Stuttgart region’s Competence Centres. In addition to countless collaborations and IT resources, which we can draw on every day, our customers also benefit from the high security standards and local resources.

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