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Translations for the energy market: professional, legally compliant, on time

The global energy market is in a period of transition and subject to highly volatile, strict national and international requirements in the environment and safety sectors, not to mention being affected by local and global (economic) policy. The future therefore lies in renewable energies. Hence, our clients also come from virtually all new sectors, for example solar technology, wind energy, recycling and waste disposal technology, biogas plants and other areas of renewable energy and environmental technology.

Various stakeholders are imposing requirements on international communication within the energy market

This highly dynamic sector continually poses new logistic and communicative challenges on companies: numerous applications, official documents and technical documentation have to be provided to the government, ministries and official authorities in the respective target countries in various languages. Safety information, maintenance instructions and user manuals have to be translated flawlessly and unambiguously for employees in all countries. After all, the slightest error in the instruction manual could have serious consequences. Sustained communication for CSR and PR should enlighten other stakeholders such as the press and an energy-critical society and should satisfy them with regard to developments within the industry.

Energy companies need to be able to respond promptly, in multiple languages and without mistakes at all times to enquiries from citizens, official bodies or the press. It is often a matter of extracting key statements in multilingual form from large volumes of data to be able to provide an insight into the strategy, competition or responses to political world events.

Rely on oneword’s solutions to meet your translation requirements for the energy market

  • We have the technical competence and ability to translate highly complex and technical content from all energy segments for your various stakeholder groups
  • oneword has the relevant capability: A global network of native-speaking professional translators for energy technology, along with project and quality managers, is even capable of processing large volumes of text required urgently in various language combinations to the highest quality standards
  • In so doing, we use the latest technologies for a transparent, efficient and resource-saving workflow
  • Tools developed in house help to involve your process participants, such as country-specific proofreaders and global stakeholders, in the translation process easily and across borders

We offer

  • Technical documentation translation

  • Translation of operating instructions

  • Translation of instruction manuals

  • Translation of assembly instructions and maintenance manuals
  • Translation of marketing and PR materials

  • Translation of internal communication materials

  • Translation of installation and maintenance manuals

  • Translation of training materials, e-learning

  • Translation of health and safety regulations

Tessa Pieczyk

Sprachwissenschaftlerin, M.A.

oneword is your expert partner for ISO-certified translation services in the following industries:

  • Solar energy / solar technology
  • Wind energy

  • Environmental technology

  • Recycling and waste disposal technology
  • Energy supply
  • Biogas
  • High voltage technology
  • Chemicals industry
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