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Requirements for realistic and transparent pricing

At oneword, pricing for MT and PE (MTPE) services depends on several factors.

We take a comprehensive, individual look at your prerequisites, requirements and general conditions and go through several steps with you to arrive at the final pricing.

The answers to the following questions have a fundamental influence on the price:

  • What are your quality requirements and objectives? What level of quality should the translation results have?
  • What is the format of your source documents? Are they suitable for machine translation or are further steps necessary before or after to improve the machine output?
  • What additional steps would you like to establish in the entire MTPE process to enhance the quality as a standard and in the long term, and so again have a positive effect on the price structure?
  • Which languages are required and do they differ in the quality of the MT result?

We design a customised concept, enabling you to tap the full potential of improving your efficiency (costs/time/resources, etc.). To ensure a sustainable translation process, we focus on constantly optimising the quality of the machine, source text and final translation. MTPE can achieve cost savings of 20 to 40 %.

Steps towards pricing

Our chart shows the most important steps towards pricing. It quickly becomes clear: A discount category is calculated for the entire MTPE process based on your goals, the selection of the right translation system, an initial training phase, the measurement of the output quality and the processing speed of the post-editor.

Pricing procedure at oneword. An iterative approach to the real price based on the MTPE’s quality and turnaround time guarantees new cost benefits time and time again.

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Efficient and high quality

Workflows automatic Translation maschinelles Übersetzen

Optimise machine translation workflows.


This is the best way for you to benefit from machine translation.

Data security


We protect your data during the entire MT process.

Machine training, revision, pre-editing, etc.

Although, nowadays, the use of machine translation and post-editing (MTPE) is a standard procedure that is already used across different sectors and that, in many cases, already produces results that fulfil high quality requirements, there are additional work steps that tie in with this procedure. The aim is almost always to further increase the level of quality of the machine-generated translations in the short and long term. oneword offers many additional services that you can order individually to optimise the quality of your texts right from the start. Find out more here

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