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Our MT customers include renowned global players – from global corporations to SMEs. The success and satisfaction of our customers are the result of thousands of challenging translation projects based on constant innovation.

Would you also like to be one of those progressive companies and benefit from MT? But you don’t want to take an investment risk and would rather test how machine translation “feels” first?

Thanks to our oneMTPE service, you can start your next translation project directly by machine, without any risks, with complete data protection and without any extra costs.

Our service provides:

  • Our feasibility analysis to determine whether your translation project is suitable for MT
  • Use of leading MT systems without additional costs
  • Our high quality standards: through full post-editing, the result attains the same level of quality as a human translation
  • Our extensive feedback process
  • A cost/benefit assessment for future projects
  • Individual advice

We offer our service for many languages and are happy to test whether your project is also suitable for oneMTPE.

With oneMTPE you get high-quality, full-service performance from us, providing you with faster and more cost-effective translation projects without sacrificing the consistency and translation quality you have come to expect from us.

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