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DIN-zertifizierte Übersetzungen

Translation management:

Efficient processes through targeted optimisation.

The quality of translations, how much they cost, and how long they take to produce, depends on how translation workflows are defined, which supporting technologies are used, and the flexibility with which special requirements can be reacted to.

The translation process accompanies the entire editing and documentation process. From the creation to the publication of the, often multilingual, documents over multimedia channels.

Our wide customer base – ranging from heavy industry to research and education – has made us used to reacting flexibly, and quickly when taking on new requirements and processes, and using new technologies.

  • Our translation management services

    • Translation project management and reliable scheduling in accordance with ISO 17100
    • Resource planning and the formation of fixed translator teams who have specialist expertise in your industrial sector
    • Quality assurance, statistical evaluation methods and feedback management
    • Terminology management
    • Source text optimisation
    • Processing of all DTP formats, PIM/CMS formats, web formats, office formats, etc.
    • Training courses and seminars
    • Consultation and workflow optimisation

  • Our technologies

    • Translation memory systems
    • Terminology databases
    • Customer portal for order and document management
    • Systems for online reviews (proofreading with external access)
    • Systems for localisation, quality assurance and adjustment: CAT systems and customer-specific systems such as WinCC

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