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DIN-zertifizierte Übersetzungen

Working at oneword:

Networking with languages – Growing with languages.

Our in-house team needs reinforcements: if you're as fascinated about languages as we are, if you're able to show initiative, and have a friendly and open personality which can inspire others, if you're not afraid of taking on new challenges, and if you like working as part of a team, then we'd really like to get to know you.

We can offer you a multifaceted job, working as part of a young team in an international, dynamic professional environment. Our modern, well-equipped offices are located in the attractive countryside around Stuttgart in Germany. We pride ourselves on having a pleasant working atmosphere and flat organisational hierarchies which leave plenty of scope for individual development and progressing your career in an ever-expanding company.

  • Entry opportunities

    oneword offers exciting challenges, opportunities for development and excellent future prospects. However, at the beginning of our working relationship you have a multitude of different opportunities for starting your own, independent career. Create a career that is as unique as you are. See for yourself.

    Student internship

    You can only know what really suits you, and what you enjoy doing, once you've tried it. Join us as a temporary trainee to find out if working at oneword sparks your interest, suits your abilities and might be a possible career option for you in this sector. 


    In six months, you will get to know the various different parts of the company, you will gradually be entrusted with more responsibilities, and be given your own projects where you can showcase your strengths and abilities.


    Do you want to start off your career as a project manager? Do you want to take on challenges, attend interesting, in-house training courses and put yourself in the best possible position to apply for a permanent job with us? Then apply for our 12 month trainee programme.

    Direct entry

    Already know just what you want? So do we. As an ever-expanding company, we always need to recruit more colleagues in a range of different areas. After completing an individually tailored induction programme and a period of learning on the job, you will quickly be able to put your knowledge to good use and further develop your skills with us.

  • Introduction to selected departments in the company

    Project management

    At oneword, the project management department ensures the entire translation process runs smoothly and efficiently. This department also handles all aspects of communications with customers. State of the art technologies ensure everything goes without a hitch and that information flows freely between our international teams and our global network of more than 550 specialist translators in our partner offices outside Germany.

    Terminology management

    This team of linguistic experts ensures every customer receives translations that use their own company- and subject-specific terminology. Improved communications not only reduce the time and costs involved in the translation process, but also reinforce and promote a uniform corporate identity. With this in mind, the team also offers bespoke training courses and workshops.

    Quality and translation partner management 

    oneword stands for exceptionally high quality. To achieve this, our team of experts adhere to numerous standards, requirements and guidelines which must all be taken into account as part of their day-to-day tasks. This is the only way in which we can retain our certified levels of quality. This departments is also responsible for providing staff training courses, and ensuring that our translation partners, and indeed every service we provide at oneword, comply with our stringent quality requirements. 

    Customer management 

    oneword's customer management team is tasked with formulating and ensuring compliance with company-wide communication standards, handling customer relationships and managing key accounts. As the first point of contact, they deal with initial enquiries and also strive to increase customer satisfaction with our services.


    The main priority of this department is to ensure the strategic and practical development, design and implementation of a uniform sales and marketing strategy, working closely with the interdisciplinary teams to achieve this goal. Individual areas of responsibility in this department include, for example, product and price management, experience-based and marketing communications, and sponsoring or employer branding. 


    The IT department is dedicated to ensuring that every technical process runs smoothly and reliably. Using direct communications channels with users, problems can be identified, and then dealt with, quickly and efficiently. A great deal of thought goes into the planning, installation and configuration of servers and clients, to ensure down times are kept to a minimum for all our technical services. By developing in-house software, this department has also simplified and speeded up a number of working processes.

  • Our tips for a successful application

    Here are a couple of tips that will help you apply to oneword and make sure nothing stands in the way of a successful career with us. We wish you every success!

    • A complete application will include a covering letter, your CV and any relevant job references.
    • In addition to seeing your professional qualifications, we'd also like to know what motivates you and find out what you're like as a person.
    • Sometimes, less is more: keep it clear, structured and informative
    • highlight your knowledge and do some research about oneword and our sector of industry
    • Provide answers to questions such as:
      • Why do you want to come and work for us?
      • Why should we select you as an employee?
      • What are the unique features of your skills and abilities?
    • If you have any questions about the application process, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help.
    • We always prefer to get job applications by e-mail

Comments from colleagues

  • "Although I was only a trainee, I felt myself to be valued as a full member of the team. I was always involved in a wide variety of processes, and was able to make suggestions at any time. In addition to my project management tasks, I particularly enjoyed running my trainee project in marketing, and the friendly and professional working relationship I had with the translators. For me, the outstanding feature of working at oneword was the really excellent team of colleagues and the supportive and professional working atmosphere they create."

    Angela Krolo, intern
  • "I joined oneword fresh from university, not very long ago. Thanks to the friendly and welcoming attitude I found here, I now feel right at home. What I find particularly appealing about my job: after a short time, I was entrusted with multi-faceted marketing projects, not only covering day-to-day tasks, but also involving strategic planning. I was encouraged to take on responsibility and develop my own talents and abilities. I really enjoy working with our service providers and in inter-disciplinary teams, because no two jobs are ever the same."

    Carolin Bauer, working in Marketing Management
  • "At oneword, I really value the fact that everyone is always working to improve. This not only affects the way we think about the services we provide to customers, but also how we organise ourselves in-house, how we structure our working processes, and how we develop the talents of every single employee. I started out as a project management trainee, and now I'm a team coach with responsibility for my own team. The most important issue for us here is that we retain our existing, flat hierarchies."

    Sara Cantaro, Project Manager and TeamCo