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oneword as an employer:

Satisfaction is what we strive for.

As a modern, customer-focused company, we combine a first-class product and quality of service with innovative technologies and fresh ideas.

We also operate in a friendly and open working atmosphere with a flat corporate hierarchy. Having an equitable and dependable working relationship with our translation partners is also a vital part of our ethos. For this reason, we were awarded the "TOP Business Partner" certificate by the Hoppenstedt database of companies.

Keeping our employees happy is both our greatest inspiration and aspiration. Both in-house and world-wide. Now and in the future.

  • Ideal conditions for your success

    As an employer which has received a multitude of awards, oneword can offer its staff a very attractive working environment. See for yourself:

    In-house employees


    Translation partners

    • Expanding company with an open and positive working atmosphere
    • Interesting and varied range of jobs within your own area of responsibility
    • Multi-disciplinary projects in an international environment
    • A myriad of opportunities for further training and professional development
    • Flexible and creative tasks that demand the very highest quality from enthusiastic, self-motivated staff
    • An equitable, cooperative working relationship with one of the leading companies in the translation sector
    • Multifaceted projects from a wide range of sectors and company divisions
    • Fair remuneration and fast turnaround of invoices
    • Uncomplicated communications via the Translators' portal
    • Many opportunities for further training and professional development

  • Our philosophy

    We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, hard-working staff. Alongside proven expertise in your specialist areas and personal motivation, we particularly value people with good interpersonal skills.

    Our employees are all characterised by a strong sense of responsibility. Focussed and open communications, dependability and the ability to think and act in a proactive manner while working as part of a team: these are all things we strive to achieve every day.

    By having a flat hierarchical structure, we promote a cooperative management style with an "open doors" policy. Each and every colleague is entitled, and indeed prompted, to find ways in which oneword can develop and make things better for us all. We encourage colleagues to do this, and reward for it.

Comments from colleagues

  • "oneword is a modern company with an excellent working environment –
    not least thanks to our exceptional colleagues. It's working with translators
    from such a wide variety of cultural backgrounds that I find so very interesting,
    because you can learn so much from them personally.
    I particularly appreciate the professional attitude shown by so many of our translators,
    which makes our projects so much easier to manage

    Paul Ernst, Project Manager
  • "What to say about oneword? Just one word simply won’t cut it:
    professional; friendly; communicative; helpful; and most of all –
    favourite, as in "my favourite agency"."

    Karel, Czech translator, automotive/automotive engineering
  • "Working in a company where quality is the hallmark of everything we do is not just a pleasure but also an incentive to do even better. Our customers rely on our ISO 17100-compliant processes and the project management team relies on an effective knowledge management strategy. This is why quality management is of such critical importance for oneword. I think it's great that the company's management and our own teams give us the freedom and support we need to keep driving forward with our efforts to improve every aspect of our work."

    Eva Tillmann, Project Manager and Head of Quality Management
  • "My years of working together with oneword have always been on a friendly and highly professional basis – any questions I have are always answered quickly and constructively by cheerful, extremely motivated members of the team. Rating: highly recommended."

    Sven, German translator, mechanical engineering
  • "It's the team spirit and the enthusiastic involvement of every single person in the company, no matter whether they are a project manager or a translation partner, that really impresses me about oneword. We all work together to achieve the very best results – every day, world-wide. Open channels of communication, opportunities for putting forward your own ideas at any time, and the sheer variety of tasks, are the things that really make oneword something special for me."

    Nicole Sixdorf, Translation Partner Manager
  • "I can honestly say it's a pleasure to work with oneword. Their approach
    to the whole translation process is professional, efficient and quality-focused.
    The project managers are always there if I have questions, and you feel
    as though everyone is working together to deliver the
    best possible product to the client."

    Gillian, English translator (UK), marketing/cosmetics

Hallmarks of quality