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Tips for Working Successfully with oneword

Traditionally, every New Year starts out with good intentions. One of our New Year's resolutions is to arrange our methods for working together with our partners even more effectively. For this reason, we would like to use this short newsletter to give you a couple of important bits of information, intended to make everyday work-related tasks easier for you, and for us. What's new? 

  • Across 6.3 – The Personal Edition becomes the Translator Edition
  • Sensible crossTerm Settings – "Word Combinations"
  • How to Name Return Packages in Trados Studio
  • Dates and Holiday Planning
  • Sending us your Invoices 

Across 6.3 – The Personal Edition becomes the Translator Edition 

The new version of Across, 6.3, doesn't just have a new name (the single workstation version is now the "Translator Edition" instead of the "Personal Edition"). Now there are also two different license models: the free Basic Version and the Premium Version, for which a charge is payable. If you only have one customer for which you translate in Across, for example oneword, the Basic Version is all you need. With this version you can only work on and upload jobs for one customer at a time. When a job is finished, you can then start a job for another customer. The Basic Version can only be installed on one PC.
With the Premium Version, there is no limit to the number of customers whose jobs you can work on at the same time, but it does cost approximately 10 EUR a month in the first year and potentially more after that. This version can be installed on up to 2 PCs.
Both versions require you to register on the new Across "crossMarket" network. You must complete your crossMarket profile before you can activate your Across installation. Your Translator Edition installation is then linked with this profile. Depending on the settings you make, you could then enter the number of words you have translated.

If the Language Server for which you work updates to Version 6.3, and you are still using Version 5.7, all your current projects will be lost! If you are using Version 6.0, as most of you are, you will still be able to deliver your current projects, but you won't be able to download and translate any new ones. That means that you must update to Version 6.3. If your customers still have Version 5.7 or 6.0, Across promises that there will be complete compatibility, even if you have already decided to update to Version 6.3. We are going to wait a while before we update our Language Server. But if you decide to update to Version 6.3 before then, there is nothing to stop you! 

Sensible crossTerm Settings – "Word Combinations"

We often get feedback that translators cannot see all the entries in crossTerm. That is usually because the setting for word combinations is too low. In Across, the default setting is 3. This means that entries that have more than three words in the target language are not even displayed. For this reason, we recommend you set this value much higher, e.g. to 15. Select this menu option to change the setting:

Tools > Profile Settings > crossTerm

Ensure you always select the "Find word combinations" checkbox.

How to Name Return Packages in Trados Studio

Every day, we are sent lots of return packages created in Trados Studio. Unfortunately, the name of many of these packages ends with "div". That is due to the names we give the original Studio projects. If a project has more than three target languages, our project manager replaces their language codes with "div" (for German "diverse"). If you send us back a return package whose name ends in "div", we have to rename it each time, manually, or else the target language is not obvious, and we end up with several packets with different languages, with the same name. 
For this reason, please could we ask you to give the return package generated in Trados Studio exactly the same name as the package you receive from us, for a particular job? Or to simply replace "div" at the end of the return package name with the appropriate language code for the language you are supplying? That will help us keep things in order when multi-language projects are involved!

Dates and Holiday Planning

Everyone needs a break from work from time to time. It would be helpful for us if you could let us know when you will be unavailable, and how long for, well in advance: that will ensure we don't contact you about new jobs while you are taking your well-earned holiday, and we will be able to schedule our projects more effectively, and avoid shortages in translation capacity. You can simply let our Translation Partner Manager, Nicole Sixdorf know by e-mail (n.sixdorf@oneword.de). She will enter your holiday dates in our system!

We have also put together an overview of the days on which oneword will be closed in 2016, because of statutory holidays:

Please note that we will give you the dates for our company holidays over Christmas and New Year in a separate Newsletter at the end of the year!

Sending us your Invoices

Once you've finished your work, it should be paid for quickly and fairly. For that reason, we would like to ask you to note the points listed below, when sending us your invoices, so that our automated data storage system can process your invoices and ensure they are passed to our Accounts department without delay:

  • Always send your invoices (included corrected invoices) to: invoice@oneword.de
  • Send your invoice in PDF format (unless another format is absolutely necessary)
  • Arrange the items in your invoice by date, where possible
  • Use this Subject text in your e-mail:

Freelancers: Surname, first name, invoice no. X

Agencies: Company name, invoice no. X

By the way! You can still send us collective invoices if you want to. It makes sense to send a collective invoice with one invoice number at the month's end, especially if you are working on regular projects, or supply us with a large number of translations in one month. This makes it easier to check individual items, and speeds up processing, so your invoice can be passed to our Accounts department without delay. 

Don't hesitate to contact us at any time if you would like to send us any queries, comments or suggestions about our Newsletter and the topics in it: you can e-mail us at partner@oneword.de. We look forward to getting your feedback!

Yours sincerely,

Your oneword team