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Are you global ready?

A successful, multilingual web presence is always a crucial part of a global marketing strategy. Like building and maintaining your website, its localisation is also an interdisciplinary project that needs to be well planned...

Are you global ready?2019-01-23T10:57:12+01:00

The best hits in every language

An appealing design and a great user experience are essential for a successful website. However, so-called search engine optimisation, or SEO, is essential for ensuring that your carefully crafted content is subsequently found.

The best hits in every language2019-01-18T15:33:41+01:00

The language decides

Today, potential customers primarily go to one place for information about products, services and other offers – the internet.

The language decides2019-01-23T11:00:43+01:00

Website localisation cycle

The more up to date, the more relevant and the more relevant, the more trustworthy: Not only do most of your website visitors have this attitude, so do search engines such as Google and Bing, etc.

Website localisation cycle2019-01-18T15:35:04+01:00

Open source CAT as an alternative to Across and Trados, etc.?

CAT tools are a vital element of everyday translation life. Language service providers, in-house language services and freelance translators can now choose from a variety of software to assist with the translation process...

Open source CAT as an alternative to Across and Trados, etc.?2019-01-18T15:35:28+01:00

Terminology management: terminology creation options

A new year often brings new resolutions with it. If your resolution for this year is to develop systematic terminology work, there are various ways of putting this into practice...

Terminology management: terminology creation options2019-01-18T15:36:27+01:00

Translations into Chinese

Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese – for most of us it is impossible to distinguish between the two written forms of the Chinese language, let alone understand them...

Translations into Chinese2019-01-18T15:36:59+01:00

WinCC: Translation and localisation of restricted-length texts

Graphical user interfaces on monitors or displays use the smallest possible space to display important information, such as information about operating and display functions, instructions and error messages.

WinCC: Translation and localisation of restricted-length texts2019-01-21T10:34:26+01:00
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