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The first stage in software localisation is internationalisation testing

Software localisation and software documentation, such as online help materials, are both linguistically and technically challenging translation projects because the software needs to be adapted to the cultural user behaviour of software users in the relevant country. Your software localisation partner must have a good grasp of the linguistic and cultural expectations of different users, what works in a given country and what doesn’t, and also understand the technical requirements of localisation processes.

That’s why, on our side, the process begins far in advance of the actual software translation and localisation, allowing your projects to have smooth software localisation. File formats are tested for localizability and prepared. Strings and other text parts in file formats are analysed and protected accordingly so that all text parts and strings are recognised and the translation doesn’t cause any problems afterwards.

At oneword, we have the linguistic and technical competence to adapt the software to your foreign customers in the best possible way. With optimised localisation processes we can help you save time with implementation, costs and unnecessary rework on every localisation project.

Our promise

  • Certified localisation processes in line with the ISO 17100 quality standard

  • Only native-speaker software translators with cultural knowledge of the target markets

  • Use of professional localisation software, such as RWS Trados Studio, RWS Passolo and Across

  • Localisation of graphics, scripts and other media
  • Linguistic checking of all components
Sarah Kern

Division Head

Sarah Gießler, oneword


Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG.
“The thing we value most about oneword is their reliability. They always take the time to answer our queries, providing prompt and tailored advice. The project managers will make nearly any deadline happen, no matter how optimistic it may seem. Even when things get hectic, they are always calm, friendly and professional. As a customer this makes you feel valued, satisfied and well taken care of.”
Ute S. A. Jurgeleit, Manager Language Technology & Services, Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG.
Elo Di

“We’ve worked regularly with oneword on a number of projects over the years. oneword is responsible for our localisation process for around 10 different languages. We translate marketing texts (website texts, brochures, and flyers) and technical content (software interfaces, technical documentation). We’re extremely pleased with the results, and always feel we get the best possible advice from oneword.”

Alexandra Galais, Head of Localisation & Translation, ELO Digital Office GmbH

Software localisation and launching your software on all markets

When it comes to adapting your content to a target language and a different culture, it’s important for us to identify the needs of your end customers. At the end of the day, your software will only succeed if the users can understand it. But perfectly localised and functioning software can only be achieved if the user also understands your product and your marketing messages even before making the purchase. We can help you enhance your market opportunities abroad and improve your share of competitive markets with clear marketing messages.

Our services to help you achieve more success with your software products:



Raise your profile in international markets.

SEO for software products

International SEO

For greater visibility on the World Wide Web.

Terminology management


Our services for efficient terminology management.

Efficient processes in software localisation

Software updates and new features need to be available to your customers in ever faster cycles, ideally in all languages simultaneously. This involves multiple processes and departments working together, which can make it difficult to maintain organisation and efficiency. As localisation specialists we can help you optimise your localisation management with suitable tools and processes, saving you time, costs and follow-on work so you have more time to focus on what matters.

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