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Technical translation by professional translators

Technical documents such as operating instructions need to be crystal-clear and comprehensible to the reader. As well as language skills, a good knowledge of the domain and correct specialised terminology are necessary. This requires the technical writer, the technical translator and the reviser to have excellent qualifications and high quality standards.

Translating operating instructions certified to ISO 17100

As an ISO-certified translation company, we apply a strict quality management system and produce specialised translations in compliance with the ISO 17100 translation quality standard when translating operating instructions, manuals, data sheets and other technical documents.

Our quality management system meets all the requirements related to translating technical documentation set out by the DIN EN/IEC 82079-1 standard, which defines qualifications and translation processes for translating instructions:

  • Understanding of technical communication

  • Technical translator with an in-depth understanding of the specialist field

  • Fluent command of source and target languages, the target language being the translator’s mother tongue

  • Translation and revision by a second professional translator in line with ISO 17100

  • Correct, consistent use of technical terminology

Our certified quality and absolute adherence to deadlines when translating your technical documents are based on our one and a half decades of experience in translating technical documentation, our seamlessly controlled translation quality and our project and translation management, which is tailored to your needs with competent and permanent contact persons and permanent teams of translators. As a certified technology partner of Schema ST4, Across and Trados and as an active member of tekom e.V., we’re also familiar with leading solutions and technologies from editorial and translation management and are constantly up to date with new and future challenges in the translation industry and in language services.


Intelligent translation management for technical editorial departments

Today, the challenges involved in creating technical documentation that facilitates the translation process involve more than just content and high quality standards. Translation processes are becoming increasingly complex and unwieldy due to the growing number of languages and increasing time and cost pressures involved. But this is exactly where there is enormous potential for savings and simplification that often goes completely unrecognised. With the right translation management and the right tools, you can save time while reducing excess costs.

Potential for savings in technical communication

Translation memory systems


Efficient content management for translations.


This is the best way for you to benefit from machine translation.

Workflow optimisation


Establish cost-effective translation processes and reduce costs.

Schema ST4-certified

We seamlessly integrate our translation processes into your workflows and editing systems, for example Schema ST4 or other content management systems (CMS) such as Typo3, systems from Fischer Computer Technik, crossbase and many more. In this way, we create a smooth, efficient process for both you and us, saving time and keeping costs down. For us, flexibility is one of the pillars of a good translation management.

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