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What is translation-oriented writing?

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It makes sense to write clear and comprehensible texts. This almost makes even more sense if the texts are going to be translated. After all, The more comprehensible the source text, the more comprehensible the translation result – and the simpler, faster and cheaper the entire process. Translation-oriented writing contributes significantly to this. We explain the essential aspects, show what to look out for and reveal why those using the source texts also benefit from it.

Ownership of translation memories: Clear copyright and usage rights in the translation process

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It would be difficult to be without translation memories in the modern translation process, but it would be easy to be without disputes over copyright and ownership of content and data. We explain the framework conditions and explain why we give our customers all of the opportunities, without putting legal obstacles in their way.

Plain language and standards: The ISO standard for comprehensible texts is here. A German DIN standard is to follow

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So far, there has been no strict rules for plain language. Now ISO has adopted the first standard for plain language. The ISO standard creates guidelines for comprehensible texts in all areas of public administration and corporate communication. It is also the basis of a DIN standard for the German language, which is currently in progress.

Plain Language: Understanding and being understood

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Plain Language ('Einfache Sprache') makes it possible to understand texts as easily, quickly and completely as possible. This benefits readers and creators alike. We explain what Plain Language is exactly, where and how it can be used and what needs to be considered when using it.

Term Mining: In search of terminology

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Terminology creation or extraction is also called term mining. It's a good metaphor, because just like rocks or minerals, a company's terms are already there, but usually hidden deep in documents, often not to be found in pure form – and always valuable for an organisation's corporate language. It is therefore necessary to uncover the company's own stock of words, to sound them out and bring them to light.

“The focus is entirely on the practical benefits”: Sylvia Schumacher explains what makes oneSuite unique

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oneSuite is our proprietary browser-based translation and localisation system for professional use. Sylvia Schumacher, our Head of Technology & Processes, plays a key role in developing and refining the software. So, although it's a collaborative effort with many components, in a practical sense oneSuite is her masterpiece and that's what we discussed.

Terminology work in medicine and medical technology: demonstrably effective and easier to understand

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Medical terminology, i.e. the specialised language used in the medicine and medical technology sectors, is a special – and for many non-specialists, basically foreign – language that needs to be comprehensibly classified and translated if it is to be understood by all those involved. We show which factors need to be considered when working with terminology in medicine and medical technology and how effective and helpful this can be from many perspectives.

Medical translation in the age of digitalisation: oneword in Healthcare Marketing

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In its new issue, the trade magazine Healthcare Marketing publishes an article on the current state of medical translation in view of the far-reaching changes resulting from digitalisation and artificial intelligence and in view of increasingly complex and diverse communications. The article includes an interview with Andrea Modersohn, director of oneword. We share the essentials.

Quality Time with Schmeling + Consultants: Why consistency matters and why you need to think for yourself when it comes to standards

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It's Quality Time again. Welcome to a new episode in our series of expert interviews on quality in the broad field of language services. This time Eva-Maria Tillmann, head of quality management at oneword, talked to Mareike von der Stück from Schmeling + Consultants. A lively conversation about a number of issues including consistency as a decisive factor for text and translation quality – and the fact that thinking for yourself is just as important for compliance with standards as the content of the standard itself.

AI text generator ChatGPT: a critical look reveals both upsides and downsides

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Have you heard of ChatGPT? This is almost a rhetorical question, because who hasn't heard of the much-hyped text generator? The hype around the language assistant and the underlying language model is huge. People are talking mostly about its benefits and potential applications, but sometimes also about possible misinformation and misuse of the technology to cheat. We take a look at the details that need to be considered in order to use it appropriately.

Quality Time with Dolmetscheragentur24: Quality is made by people who know their stuff

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It's always quality time, no matter how small or large the task, says Benjamin Bühl, founder and managing director of Dolmetscheragentur24. In our series of expert interviews on translation quality in the language services sector, Sara Cantaro, cultural and linguistic mediator and oneword marketing manager, talked to him about the demands and many different aspects of interpreting – and discovered that, in addition to the same high quality standards, we also share the 'caring gene' in our service approach.

Machine translation in medical technology? A question of trust and certainty

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In the magazine produced for Böblingen's Health Week event, an article has just been published in which our head of MTPE and terminology management, Jasmin Nesbigall, discusses the use of machine translation in medical technology and healthcare. This is a sensitive area in which there is more to be said than would fit in the limited space permitted for the article. So here is the longer version including all Jasmin's insights and further details.

MT training: Does practice still make perfect?

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Generic translation systems now offer a number of features for customising translation results, with the result that users in companies are asking themselves whether a specially trained MT engine is worthwhile at all any more. Our head of MTPE and terminology management, Jasmin Nesbigall, discusses this question using results of comparative analyses from a specific customer project.

Quality Time with TextShuttle: Machines, people and trends in machine translation

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Our series of talks with experts on topics related to translation quality in the language services sector continues. In the current episode, Jasmin Nesbigall, Head of MTPE and Terminology Management at oneword, talked to Samuel Läubli, CTO of TextShuttle. A fascinating conversation about defining quality and quality assurance in machine translation.

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