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Updated standard ISO 11669: Planning and commissioning translation projects

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The updated standard ISO 11669 "Translation Projects – General Guidance" was published in March. It supports clients in specifying requirements for translation projects and has been expanded to include current and important topics such as machine translation and translation risks. We have taken a look at the update and classify why and how it takes different contexts into account and meets requirements.

oneTerm for clear terminology management and collaborative terminology work

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All available language resources – such as terminology data and translation memories – must be integrated in the best possible way so that linguistic specifications can be optimally integrated into translation processes. In oneSuite, our comprehensive translation and localisation tool, various modules mesh together seamlessly. We present what each module can do and how they complement one another in a short blog series.

Stop the frustration! Simple review processes with multiple participants

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Text corrections and verifications being done by and involving several colleagues are often challenging even in just one language. When different partners and subsidiaries are involved in translated texts, the review process becomes even more complex. We address the standard challenges and explain how the complex process can be implemented effectively and how reviews can be carried out intuitively while taking all relevant resources into account.

Correction platform: oneReview makes short work of corrections

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Professional communication and translation processes are usually complex. You need clear workflows and efficient handling. With the oneSuite modules, our comprehensive translation and localisation software, we meet these requirements in all aspects. In a short blog series, we present how our oneSuite modules complement and interact with each other. First up is oneReview, an online correction platform, which makes it possible to check translation results easily and conveniently in the layout and make the final corrections. A real game changer for country-specific corrections and technical checks.

Translation-oriented writing for work with CAT tools

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"Garbage in, garbage out?" was the title of the presentation that our Head of Quality Management, Eva-Maria Tillmann, gave last November at tekom (tcworld). Now the findings she presented are available to read and learn from. In the following article, she explains how working with computer-aided translation (CAT) tools is related to translation-oriented writing. And she explains small ways in which optimisations can help to reduce translation errors, lost time, additional costs and unnecessary queries.

Quality time with MittagQI: developing what the market really needs

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It's Quality Time again. In a new episode of our series of expert interviews, Dr Juliane Schwab (Head of oneSuite) and Jasmin Nesbigall (Head of Terminology Management and MTPE) spoke to Marc Mittag from MittagQI. An insightful conversation about the translate5 translation system, the special features that set it apart from other CAT tools and the increasing integration of generative AI.

oneword at the 2023 tcworld conference

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The 2023 tcworld conference, the largest industry event for technical communication, took place between 14 and 16 November at ICS Stuttgart. oneword was of course in attendance again. After the overwhelming success of the previous year, we could hardly wait to get back into trade fair mode.

Translation-oriented writing in medical technology

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Medical technology is an elementary component of the German healthcare system and the German economy. The industry is subject to stringent requirements and regulations that affect production and application as well as technical documentation and its translation. Reason enough for us to take a closer look.

Terminology for machine translation: effective approaches to improve the quality of translation output

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As good as the results of machine translation are, they are still far from perfect. Above all, it's the rendering of specialised terminology that plays a decisive role in the quality of the output. This is because specialised terms are often translated incorrectly, inconsistently or at least in a way that deviates from a company's corporate language. So we explain when and how terminology can be integrated into machine translation and what needs to be taken into account in the process.

What is translation-oriented writing?

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It makes sense to write clear and comprehensible texts. This almost makes even more sense if the texts are going to be translated. After all, The more comprehensible the source text, the more comprehensible the translation result – and the simpler, faster and cheaper the entire process. Translation-oriented writing contributes significantly to this. We explain the essential aspects, show what to look out for and reveal why those using the source texts also benefit from it.

Ownership of translation memories: Clear copyright and usage rights in the translation process

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It would be difficult to be without translation memories in the modern translation process, but it would be easy to be without disputes over copyright and ownership of content and data. We explain the framework conditions and explain why we give our customers all of the opportunities, without putting legal obstacles in their way.

Plain language and standards: The ISO standard for comprehensible texts is here. A German DIN standard is to follow

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So far, there has been no strict rules for plain language. Now ISO has adopted the first standard for plain language. The ISO standard creates guidelines for comprehensible texts in all areas of public administration and corporate communication. It is also the basis of a DIN standard for the German language, which is currently in progress.

Plain Language: Understanding and being understood

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Plain Language ('Einfache Sprache') makes it possible to understand texts as easily, quickly and completely as possible. This benefits readers and creators alike. We explain what Plain Language is exactly, where and how it can be used and what needs to be considered when using it.

Term Mining: In search of terminology

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Terminology creation or extraction is also called term mining. It's a good metaphor, because just like rocks or minerals, a company's terms are already there, but usually hidden deep in documents, often not to be found in pure form – and always valuable for an organisation's corporate language. It is therefore necessary to uncover the company's own stock of words, to sound them out and bring them to light.

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