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oneReview makes short work of corrections

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Professional communication and translation processes are usually complex. You need clear workflows and efficient handling. With oneServices, a "construction set" of services and tools for optimal translation management, oneword does justice to all facets of this process. In a short blog series, we present how our oneServices complement each other and interact with each other. First up is oneReview, an online correction platform, which makes it possible to check translation results easily and conveniently in the layout and make the final corrections.

Many roads lead to terminology: Consistent corporate language right from the start

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The process of creating or extracting terminology is also referred to as term mining, which suggests fitting parallels: Just like stone or minerals, the terms are already there, possibly buried deep in a company's documents, but they're definitely valuable to its corporate language. So all that needs to be done is to uncover this body of words and bring them to light.

Gendering in machine translation – how it works and what to watch out for

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Gender-neutral language is a controversial topic, and not only in Germany. In the first two parts of our post, we made a distinction for Germany and ourselves and then took a look at gendering in other languages and countries. In the third and final part, we focus on machine translation, a trendy topic in the translation industry, and shed light on whether and how machines can be gender-neutral and which linguistic hurdles have to be overcome in the process.

How other languages do gendering and what that means for translations

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Gender-neutral language, which addresses all genders as much as possible, puts an end to stereotypical role models and helps to raise social awareness. In the first part of our three-part post, we outlined what we think matters and why we use gender-neutral language ourselves. In this second part, we will now explain how gendering works in other countries, languages and cultural contexts and what therefore needs to be considered in translations.

Why oneword uses gender-neutral language and others should too

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Regardless of how heatedly the topic of gendering is currently being discussed and what one's own position on this matter is, there are many reasons why it is both currently relevant and important. As language experts, this is even true for us on several levels, both as service providers for the communications of our customers and for our own communications. The reason is that we use gendering ourselves. In the first part of our three-part post, we explain why we do this.

Are you ready for MTPE?

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Many companies ask themselves and us how they can use machine translation to save time and money without risking any loss of quality. Our MTPE expert Nikolina Cabraja provided an insightful answer to this question at the tcworld conference. Her presentation is now available here as a video.

Translating display texts and HMI texts in the best way possible

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The interaction between human and machine determines how reliable the increasingly automated world of work is. Displays and instructions for the operation of machines therefore require clear, comprehensible texts and complete, correct translations, even in the smallest possible space, in order to avoid operating errors, consequential damage and complaints and to successfully market technical devices worldwide.

The translation system translate5

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With translate5, a new translation system is set to revolutionise the market: Comprehensive features, open source, conceived and developed by leading international players in the industry. Here we introduce translate5 and explain why we are part of the consortium behind translate5.

What is terminology management?

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Terminology is a key factor in the corporate communication of companies. Efficient management of technical vocabulary and company-specific words and phrases ensures professional and goal-oriented communication and prevents not only misunderstandings but also unnecessary translation costs. Although this involves a little more time and effort to begin with, the effect and benefit are incomparably greater and pay off.

Optimum translation performance with ISO 17100 and ISO 18587

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The increasing amount of opportunities for machine translation are also increasing the requirements for professional use. As a result, there are now two important standards for service providers: DIN EN ISO 17100 for translation services and DIN ISO 18587 for post-editing. In this expert presentation, we will show you how both can be optimally applied together in practice.

Why MT needs the PE

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Machine translations that rely exclusively on artificial intelligence instead of professional post-editors can be a complete flop. This is shown by numerous, usually unintentionally entertaining examples from real-life scenarios. This even happened to an e-commerce giant recently when it shouldn't have. But, one thing at a time!

How the standard ensures the best possible quality

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In September, the translation services standard DIN EN ISO 17100 was confirmed in its current form by the ISO member countries. oneword, as an ISO 17100-certified company itself and, above all, as an active DIN member in the responsible sub-committee, had eagerly awaited the vote, and hoped for the opportunity to incorporate the experience gained and standards developed in-house into a new version of the standard together with other industry representatives.

What is MTPE?

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By using state-of-the-art and market-ready technologies, translations can now be produced in many languages virtually at the touch of a button, to an acceptable quality and at a lower cost. And if they are integrated correctly, they can even produce professional translations suitable for business use. Machine Translation + Post-Editing (MTPE) is what makes this possible.

Machine translation in the spotlight

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There is still no machine translation that is as good as human translation. Neural machine translations are now very good, but still contain errors. Nevertheless, machine translation can save a lot of money without sacrificing quality: by combining it with human post-editing.

Terminology. The easy way.

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Under the motto "Terminology. The easy way." oneword sheds light on terminology work. For our in-house terminology team, an entire range of terminology work is part of their everyday job: this includes terminology extraction, cleaning up existing termbases, structuring and setting up a database or adding several languages. Our services can be scaled up as required, allowing you to see quick initial results.

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