Translation-oriented writing for work with CAT tools

"Garbage in, garbage out?" was the title of the presentation that our Head of Quality Management, Eva-Maria Tillmann, gave last November at tekom (tcworld). Now the findings she presented are available to read and learn from. In the following article, she explains how working with computer-aided translation (CAT) tools is related to translation-oriented writing. And she explains small ways in which optimisations can help to reduce translation errors, lost time, additional costs and unnecessary queries.

Translation-oriented writing for work with CAT tools2024-02-16T15:42:33+01:00

What is translation-oriented writing?

It makes sense to write clear and comprehensible texts. This almost makes even more sense if the texts are going to be translated. After all, The more comprehensible the source text, the more comprehensible the translation result – and the simpler, faster and cheaper the entire process. Translation-oriented writing contributes significantly to this. We explain the essential aspects, show what to look out for and reveal why those using the source texts also benefit from it.

What is translation-oriented writing?2024-02-16T14:57:47+01:00
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