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Foreign-language typesetting in multilingual communications

Foreign-language typesetting or desktop publishing involves adapting the layout for different foreign languages. It follows specific linguistic and cultural rules and conventions, which influence the layout, design and graphics. As a desktop publishing specialists for foreign languages, we work with a wide range of languages, fonts and layouts, no matter how unusual they may seem! There are hardly any languages or desktop publishing formats that we have not worked with.

DTP foreign-language typesetting at oneword

As a full-service language services provider, we handle all the necessary DTP tasks involved in professional DTP combined with foreign languages. We handle various scripts and character sets, different hyphenation rules for words, syllables and sentences, format conversions, modifications of text length, colour conversion and proofreading. Our team will agree on all the required details with you and integrate your corporate design guidelines into the process to create manuals, technical documentation, product and parts catalogues, and other marketing materials that comply with your specifications. We also have extensive experience in XML/SGML-based publishing. Using a two-person principle with desktop publishing and language experts ensures that we do not miss a thing.

Our promise to you:

  • Combining professional desktop publishing with linguistic expertise processing almost all desktop publishing formats
  • Intercultural expertise
  • Native-speaker editors for proofreading
  • Translation and desktop publishing from a single service provider with a permanent contact person

Your desktop publishing formats perfectly integrated into our translation workflows

At oneword we are translation specialists, and we believe the finished translation deserves to be presented properly: There are few formats that we can’t translate or lay out. If the original is only available as a PDF or hard copy, we will capture the text, typeset your document afresh and optimise it for translation. We also handle format conversions, re-setting and all other aspects of professional, multilingual desktop publishing. As a language service provider and desktop publishing expert, we can of course handle right-to-left (RTL) languages (such as Arabic and Hebrew) as well as language-specific type.

Multilingual desktop publishing integrated seamlessly into translation processes

Foreign-language typesetting requires more than just the intercultural expertise offered by our foreign-language typesetters. It also involves integrating desktop publishing and other formats seamlessly into the translation process so that every step in the process, from the original format to the translation, proofreading and layout, forms a smooth chain – with no need for format changes or copy and pasting. We have all the necessary tools and interfaces to deliver perfect DTP results.


Our standard repertoire includes the following desktop publishing formats, graphic formats and XML

Before translation

  • We optimise and prepare your text, graphic and segmentation data for our CAT systems
  • We convert closed formats (PDF, scans, hard copies) into editable files
  • We perform alignment of existing translations


  • InDesign, including RTL support
  • FrameMaker, including RTL support
  • QuickSilver
  • QuarkXPress
  • Interleaf
  • MS Word
  • MS Publisher

Images and graphics

  • Illustrator, including RTL support
  • Photoshop, including RTL support
  • Visio
  • Freehand
  • CorelDraw


  • XML
  • SGML
  • HTML
  • PHP

After translation

  • We take care of quality control and prepare the files for your review: in a traditional PDF format or simply online with oneReview.
  • With oneReview, your review can be done in one, two or more languages with an integrated relay language, based on different text views or even in the finished layout!
  • We incorporate our clients’ corrections and meticulously check whether all changes correspond to the individual specifications and are linguistically correct.
  • We hand over the final editing and final verification to you in the perfect layout.

Rely on our experience. We return your translations to their original format and adapt the formatting, taking into account the elements specific to the language.

Is your format not listed? Look for more formats in our service area or simply contact us. We will add your format to our repertoire or develop a suitable solution.

Layout tips (German)

Do you write and format appropriately for translation?



Proofread in the final layout, in any language and in your browser!

Additional formats


We can process and translate all common formats immediately.

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