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oneword at the 2022 tcworld conference

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After being forced to take two years off, what will the first in-person industry event be like? Can it take place, are there restrictions, will there be many visitors? When we decided, half way through the year, to participate in the first tcworld conference after the coronavirus break, we could not be sure whether it would be worthwhile. But we had high hopes, and the risk was worth it to us.

Quality time: Talk with the RisikoScouts about complaints and how to avoid them

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It's "quality time"! We're launching our new series of expert talks on topics related to translation quality and quality management in the language services sector. To kick things off, Eva-Maria Tillmann, Head of Quality Management at oneword, spoke with Dr. Carmen Canfora and Angelika Ottmann from RisikoScouts, who advise companies on the risks involved in translations. The conversation was about complaints and order specifications.

New DIN standards manual: maximum information content at a minimal cost

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The new, revised and significantly expanded edition of the handbook "Standards for Terminology Work, Technical Writing and Translation" was published in September. It contains a large number of German-language standards across almost 600 pages, including eight new documents. The standards included are relevant to creating specialised texts, their translation and other aspects of the translation process. The handbook is recommended for a large group of experts in the fields of translation, terminology and technical communication. We explain why.

Use machine translation professionally, securely and in compliance with technical documentation standards

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We recently explained how machine translation can be used in a professional business context and how the IEC/IEEE 82079-1 documentation standard ensures that technical documentation is comprehensible and usable in all languages. Now comes the reality check: How exactly do you use machine translation for technical texts, technical documentation and communication and what do you have to do for it?

Updating and tuning the engines: what is new in machine translation?

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In the ever-changing field of machine translation (MT), hardly a month goes by without news: new providers, new functionalities, new languages, new thoughts on how MT can be integrated even better into everyday translation. Since we do just that and use the technology continuously in a wide variety of applications, we are close to the developments in the industry and have taken a closer look at some of the innovations.

Join in now: Comment on DIN draft standard for evaluating translations

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As a permanent DIN member, oneword has been actively contributing towards shaping new norms and standards in the translation industry since 2019. ISO 5060, an important new standard for evaluating translations, is currently nearing completion. Experts and future users now have the opportunity to comment on the standard in its draft status. We warmly invite you to do this.

The best of both worlds: How machine translation (MTPE) and IEC/IEEE 82079-1 fit together

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The IEC/IEEE 82079-1 documentation standard defines requirements for user manuals for reducing or verbalising risks when using products. This also applies to translated instructions, which is why translation processes play a crucial role, especially when using machine translation (MT). We explain how both worlds can be reconciled and give tips on what to look out for when using MT in the context of the documentation standard.

What technical translation does for the global standard of electrical engineering and electronics

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High-quality translation of technical texts, documentation and communication in electrical engineering and electronics is crucial for the clear understanding and reliable operation of all applications in all languages involved, especially for German suppliers who act as pioneers and quality leaders among international competitors and operate in or expand to different countries’ markets. We explain what is important here.

How does technical translation support international quality leadership in mechanical engineering and plant construction?

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The translation of technical texts, technical documentation and communication is as demanding as it is responsible. Especially in mechanical engineering and plant construction, where high-quality products are in demand worldwide and must therefore be understood and reliably operated in all languages. We explain the specific requirements in this key industry.

What is technical translation?

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The translation of technical texts, technical documentation and communication is as extensive as it is detailed and comes with great responsibility. We explain the essential factors and explain what to look out for to achieve optimal results in every respect.

Advantages of localisation tools: when translations need specialised knowledge and precise tools

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The localisation of software products is a complex process with individual specific characteristics and requirements. It requires highly specialised knowledge and corresponding processes. Localisation tools can provide substation support for this by facilitating workflows, reducing effort and increasing precision. We show the possibilities and tool variants.

Check, evaluate and ensure translation quality: the way to the perfect result

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Offering perfect translation quality is elementary for us as a language service provider. But how can it be measured? There is no one straightforward answer to this, explains Nicole Sixdorf, our expert for translation management. For this reason, she explains here which individual factors and requirements determine the path to a perfect result in terms of quality and content, and what ensuring translation quality has to do with diligent checking, assessment and evaluation.

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