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Correction platform: oneReview makes short work of corrections

Professional communication and translation processes are usually complex. You need clear workflows and efficient handling. With oneServices, a “construction set” of services and tools for optimal translation management, oneword does justice to all facets of this process. In a short blog series, we present how our oneServices complement each other and interact with each other. First up is oneReview, an online correction platform, which makes it possible to check translation results easily and conveniently in the layout and make the final corrections.

The starting point: More corrections means less clarity

Whenever multiple companies or departments work on and with texts, correction loops are required. And the more people involved, the more complex and larger these loops become. It’s not uncommon for corrections to overlap and the ability to follow who changed what in which version is lost.

This is no different when it comes to specialised translations, where a multitude of different reviewers, departments, countries or trading companies can be involved in the final verification process.

The challenge is to design an ideal review process, without overlooking corrections and without tearing apart already existing layouts and formats. Word files with “Track Changes”, PDFs with comments, printed text annotated with a pen, scanned, and returned, companies are seeing it all.

The solution: A seamless workflow and everything in sight

We are committed to delivering fast, top-quality translations with optimized workflows, and our goal is the highest team productivity possible. With oneReview, we address both of these points.

Our online review platform is part of our self-developed CAT and translation system oneSuite, making it an efficient solution for revising and reviewing translations. All corrections can be made directly in the browser by the company’s subject-matter experts or national subsidiaries. In the process, everyone involved sees the texts in the finished layout exactly as they will later appear on the website, in the brochure or in the manual, for example. oneReview supports all common file formats, such as XML, InDesign, FrameMaker, HTML or MS Office.

oneReview Screenshot mit Layout-Ansicht

Make corrections directly in the layout via the browser

The seamless process for review and final verification minimizes correction loops. Automatic notifications to revisers make sure processes are fast and workflows mesh with each other.

oneReview Screenshot mit Konkordanzsuche

Search translation memories directly in oneReview during the review process

Browser-based alternative to corrections in Word documents and PDFs

No special knowledge or additional software is required to use oneReview. Any staff member with Internet access can access it. Thanks to the parallel layout overview of the source document and the translated target document, corrections can be made easily and directly in the layout with just a few clicks. A third language, called a relay language, can also be displayed to simplify the correction process for reviewers who are fluent in the target language but not in the source language.

This provides many advantages compared to performing reviews in PDFs. For example, corrections can be tracked with a detailed change history (track changes), entire workflows for correction steps can be created individually in the workflow engine, identical segments do not need to be corrected multiple times, and other oneSuite components, such as terminology databases and translation memories, can be integrated. Existing terminology is suggested automatically and is thus available to all reviewers. In addition, oneReview can seamlessly link the review process to common CAT systems, such as Trados Studio and Across. As a result, all corrections can be transferred directly to the translation memory after final verification, and can also be used in the future.

oneReview at a glance

  • Browser-based reviews directly in the original layout

  • Correction workflow with automatic notifications

  • One-time correction of identical segments (repetitions)

  • Integration of translation memories and terminology databases

  • Integration of English, for example, as a relay language for editors who are not familiar with the source language

  • Changes can be traced (Track Changes)

  • Available on its own or as a component of oneSuite

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