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Machine translation for companies: accurate, fast and data-protected with oneTranslate

Thanks to freely accessible translation machines, it is now possible to translate a document, an e-mail or an informational text without great expense or effort, but unfortunately this is not without its risks. Therefore, with oneTranslate, we offer companies a tool that enables fast machine translation that is just as convenient but that is also compliant with data protection, is secure and complies with terminology.

In a series of blogs about our oneServices, we have so far presented the online correction platform oneReview, the terminology management system oneTerm, the customer and order portal oneTask and the oneMTPE service: services and tools that make complex communication and translation processes manageable in an efficient way and can complement each other perfectly. With oneTranslate, our solution for reliable and data-secure online machine translations for your company is following suit.

Thanks to internationally active teams, cross-border sales and ever-improving communication tools, it is now the order of the day in many companies to communicate in several languages, even in languages other than someone’s mother tongue or a foreign language that they are not fluent in. Employees often use free ad-hoc translation tools such as Google Translate or DeepL, which use neural networks to translate terms, phrases and entire texts instantly with the help of AI. The results are usually surprisingly good and usable for this purpose. However, for texts in official corporate communication – from marketing texts to operating instructions and from descriptions to invitations for tender and contracts – it is strongly recommended that you do not simply translate them by machine but have them edited by native-speaker professional translators using machine translation + post-editing (MTPE). Using the company’s own corporate terminology is also ideal for consistent and targeted communication.

But what if you only need to translate internal e-mails and messages? Or an article or informal text needs to be translated quickly so that you can understand the content? In terms of quality, online tools that are accessible for free are usually sufficient for this purpose, but they also pose fundamental risks. That is why we have developed oneTranslate.

What are the risks posed by free services like DeepL or Google Translate?

The fact that translation engines such as DeepL or Google Translate are good and free of charge makes people careless when using them and, for starters, counteract the protection of sensitive data and business secrets. When employees enter a text into the machine – in the blink of an eye using copy and paste – this text is always transferred to the provider’s server and processed there. Because machines are constantly learning, these texts are also used as training data and to improve the offering. From a data protection perspective, this is a cause for concern, because this data leaves the company’s sphere of influence and there is no guarantee of what happens to it or how secure it is. Spoiled by the comfort of the offer, very few employees will read the service’s general terms and conditions before using them, which usually explicitly state that no personal data should be entered and which also reference using the data for marketing purposes. For example, the lawyer Raphael Köllner explains the relevant connections and the “compliance risk for companies” related to translation tools on the Internet very clearly (only available in German).

Another factor that should not be underestimated is the risk of inconsistent and, therefore, incomprehensible corporate communication. This is because translation machines that can be used for free are not familiar with the company or its specific terminology. Ergo, rapid and uncontrolled translations with one or even several services can quickly lead to a proliferation of terms for one and the same thing and pose a threat to meaningful terminology management.

oneTranslate: A simple tool for fast, secure and terminology-compliant translations

oneTranslate – a component of oneSuite – opens up all the benefits of machine translation (MT) to companies without the risks described above. Instead of using an arbitrary or preferred translation engine, oneTranslate draws on the expertise of the leading providers but does not transmit any data to their servers. Our tool acts as a kind of hub, using the appropriate translation engine according to the needs of the desired language combinations and use cases. Companies that have their own MT engine can also integrate it, make it available to all employees and conveniently integrate it into their everyday work. This enables employees to enter individual phrases or even entire texts using a simple and easy-to-use input window and to translate these quickly.

oneTranslate: Many file formats and integration of corporate language and technical vocabulary

Entire files can also be uploaded, which is not limited to text formats such as Word but also includes formats commonly used in companies, such as PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign, XML and many more. Therefore, oneTranslate is the ideal tool for quickly gaining information from the raw machine translation, which is called “gisting”.

Ideally, we integrate your terminology via our oneTerm service. This ensures that the individual terminology is used coherently and communicated consistently and correctly at all times. In addition, different translation memories (TM) can be integrated, in which all previous translations are stored. In this way, oneTranslate recognises if a text has already been translated in this or a similar way and suggests the saved translation. It is clearly marked whether the translation comes from the TM, the terminology or the machine.

oneTranslate at a glance

  • Data-secure high-end instant translations for companies

  • Parallel access to translation memory, machine translation (MT) and terminology database

  • Compliance with the company’s own corporate terminology

  • Integration into the Intranet as a translation tool

  • Available on its own or as a component of oneSuite

Would you like to enable your employees to translate quickly and conveniently using machine translation without getting into trouble with your data protection officers, terminology experts or IT? Then we would be happy to give you a personal introduction to oneTranslate. Get in contact with us now.

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