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oneTerm facilitates terminology management and work

With oneServices, the “construction kit” for optimum translation management, oneword offers a whole range of services and tools that help with managing complex communication and translation processes effectively and productively. In our blog series, we present them one by one.

Following on from our oneReview correction platform, we now present our terminology management system oneTerm. Simple, browser-based and flexible software for terminology management and terminology work.

The starting point: Terminology management: the elephant in the room that everyone ignores

Terminology is the unique specialist language of each company. Terminology management ensures that this is consistent across all departmental and national borders. It ensures that a uniform language is spoken throughout the company. (More on this in the article “What is terminology management?”) But professional terminology management and systematic terminology administration offer numerous other advantages. Aside from the obvious ones – including fewer misunderstandings, easier work for editors, copy writers and translators, and fewer correction runs – a clean terminology database also provides the foundation for modern translation technologies such as MTPE (machine translation + post-editing). In addition, integrations offer the opportunity to directly access the terminology database in correction tools such as oneReview, content management systems and many other programs.
Clean terminology also provides support in many other areas of marketing translation and technical translation, from SEO translations and time-critical translations, as can be seen in software translation for example, to translating entire customer magazines (German) into several languages and in the shortest possible time.

Nevertheless, experience shows that in many companies terminology is not given the importance it requires in order to ensure consistent communication. It is not uncommon for the work to be postponed time and time again, because the direct benefit is not (immediately) recognised or is not assessed properly by those responsible for the budget. In addition, the departments in charge think that it takes a lot of effort to introduce terminology management or to clean up existing terminology that has grown over the years. There is also often a lack of overview and knowledge about which tool is suitable for individual needs and in what form. For our customers, we work with all common tools and can advise you accordingly. For a quick and convenient start, we also offer our own solution, oneTerm.

The solution: Terminology management and terminology administration from a single source

With oneTerm, – a component of oneSuite – we have created not just a tool, but a complete solution for terminology management that enables a simple, fast and resource-saving entry into terminology management.

The advantages: oneTerm is server-based and can be accessed easily and conveniently from all locations worldwide via a browser and without on-site installation. The program makes it possible to create, maintain and manage corporate terminology clearly and in any number of languages. Different roles define who is only permitted to look up terms and who can also suggest, check and approve them. Terms without a target language equivalent can be entered into a project for equivalence research in one click. In addition, oneTerm supports all common standards and exchange formats so that the data can also be integrated into other systems, tools and platforms.

In addition to pure administration, oneTerm also includes services that are individually tailored to our customers. First of all, our experts analyse your existing terminology and then agree on the next effective steps towards professional terminology management, based on your needs and budget. We support you or take over the entire process for you. We can draw on our experience from many terminology projects for companies of all sizes, such as our successful project with ZF Friedrichshafen, which can also be found in our case study.

oneTerm at a glance

  • Company-wide browser-based access for a consistent corporate language

  • High functionality and flexible database structure

  • Freely definable rights of use

  • Large portfolio of terminology services from extraction to continual maintenance

  • Available on its own or as a component of oneSuite

Are you interested in oneTerm? Then contact us and take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the complete solution in a test environment.

If you are still unsure whether and how your company can benefit from terminology management, download our free checklist and take the test! (Only available in German.)

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