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Legal translations require particular expertise

Legal texts are abstract, complex and contain specialised terminology. They are often written in a style that is strange or difficult for non-specialists to understand. Due to globalisation, international legal and patent disputes have increased significantly in recent years. The technology sector has been particularly affected. There has also been a great deal of tightening of regulatory requirements by the EU, for example with anti-corruption legislation and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the medical technology market, as well, European legislation imposes strict requirements on multilingual communication. At the same time, however, each legal system is still locally regulated and so varies from country to country. This also means that document structures and the use of terms and phrases differ.

In this respect, translating in this field poses enormous challenges: Translators and revisers not only have to have a good, accurate knowledge of the target language, they also have to be experts in the domain of law. This is the only way they can correctly convey the source text, taking into consideration linguistic conventions and specific details of the legal system in the target country, and guarantee legal certainty.

In this respect, It is important that all translators have studied translation with a specialisation in law, take part in continuous professional development and frequently attend training courses. In addition, they are translators who have been sworn by courts and notaries and may even completed law studies.

Therefore, for us, the pillars of legal translations are accuracy, a very high level of expertise and legal certainty.

Do you require legal translations? You can rely on our solutions:

  • Professional native-speaker translators and a skilled project and quality management team with academic linguistic training
  • Certification for translations
  • Broad and profound expert knowledge and references from companies, law firms, the public sector and the field of patent translations
  • Data protection and an absolutely secure IT landscape for exchanging data securely in all formats
  • Integration of your requirements and wishes into every sub-process step
  • Cost-saving technologies and tools, and a transparent price structure

Our offer for legal translations:

  • Translating business contracts and all types of contracts
  • Translating indictments
  • Certified translations
  • Translating notarial documents and certificates
  • Translating notices, decisions, evidence documents
  • Translating patents
  • Translating judgements, decrees, lawsuits
  • Translating insurance documents
  • Translating personnel documents
  • Translating certificates
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