oneword becomes a member of the DIN committee for the development of DIN EN ISO 17100.

efining new standards with expert knowledge: In future, oneword GmbH will be working on the further development of the only internationally-recognised standard for translation services. The company has been a member of the DIN committee since the end of 2018. You can find out how this benefits our customers here …

ISO 17100 is the only quality standard for translation processes that is internationally recognised and is the defining process model for the language industry: First and foremost, it defines quality profiles for project managers and translators and regulates the procedure for continuously updating skills and extensive information security. It stresses the importance of performing a feasibility analysis when preparing the project and ultimately assures the company ordering the translation that the product will be produced to the quality they expect. These and other measures have already been established to achieve, strengthen and ensure consistently high levels of quality. So far, so good. The standard also contains another major strength: ISO 17100 always offers the opportunity for further development, as it’s accompanied by a claim that it will be further improved and define real working conditions with uniform standards in the future.

oneword GmbH will be involved in this ongoing development in the future and has been a member of the DIN sub-committee on ISO 17100 standardisation work since the end of 2018.

Standards are useful. As is their ongoing development.

Standardisation work is a joint task for experts from industry, science and business practice. They define the set of rules and requirements a standard should comprise. The starting point is always what users themselves need. The work of the DIN sub-committee is therefore concerned with identifying market-relevant standardisation needs for ISO 17100, 18587 and other standards in the fields of terminology and translation.

DIN is a service provider for standardisation and is privately organised and non-profit. More than 32,000 industry and research experts, both from the consumer side and from the public sector, come together at DIN to develop market-driven norms and standards. Standards facilitate world trade, promote innovation, ensure efficiency and quality and protect society and the environment.

Companies like oneword GmbH, which help to shape a standard, can align their processes, products or services with it from the outset. When a standard is internationalised it is advancing knowledge in a way that should not be underestimated. Whether you are a medium-sized company or a large corporation, participating in standardisation can therefore be a strategic way of promoting success for the customer and for your own company.

Advantages of DIN membership

  • We actively influence and shape German standardisation policy and network with important players and experts in the field
  • We support the tried-and-tested system of standardisation and implement it with all its specifications and subtleties, because we know the standard down to the smallest detail
  • In the long term, we can influence the standardisation strategy
  • We contribute to the success of our economy and promote our country’s competitive position
  • To this end, we are in contact with other companies (both industrial companies and translation service providers)

Do you have further questions about ISO 17100 or ISO 18587? Come and talk to us! We will be happy to advise you on your translation processes.

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