oneword is a SCHEMA-certified translation service provider 2018

oneword, the translation service provider, successfully completed the training for SCHEMA certification in mid-December 2017: Its many years of experience and sound expertise with the SCHEMA Content Management System‚ SCHEMA ST4, and the “SCHEMA Content Delivery Server”, enabled oneword to achieve certification as a SCHEMA translation service provider 2018.

oneword, the translation service provider, successfully completed the training for SCHEMA certification in mid-December 2017. Its many years of experience and sound expertise with the SCHEMA Content Management System‚ SCHEMA ST4, and the “SCHEMA Content Delivery Server”, enabled oneword to achieve certification as a SCHEMA translation service provider 2018. We are very pleased with this achievement and proud that we can provide our customers with support based on technical expertise – now also tested and certified – as a new business partner of SCHEMA, and be their dependable SCHEMA CMS consultant.

SCHEMA certification: simply a logical step for oneword

The SCHEMA group’s systems are intended for use in many different environments, and have been implemented in the mechanical engineering and plant construction industries, and in the automotive, IT, electronics, medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors. Many oneword customers in these industries also place their trust in SCHEMA CM systems and often approach their translation partner, oneword, when it comes to translation-related questions and different options for using these systems. Consequently, obtaining SCHEMA certification and working with SCHEMA is simply a logical step for us. It is consistent with our aim of providing our customers with even more ongoing support when they work with SCHEMA.

The SCHEMA ST4 Component Content Management System (CCMS) and the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server (CDS) are among the most frequently used systems for modularised technical writing and documentation production, and are already being used by more than 500 companies today. They provide all the functionality necessary for creating, versioning, translating, publishing and distributing product information, and for managing variants and carrying out quality assurance – for everything from service information on a mobile end device to the final layout for a print catalogue. SCHEMA ST4 can be scaled up from small editing teams to a company-wide solution, and is available as a standard product or bespoke solution. SCHEMA CDS distributes information and ensures that it can be used simultaneously.

The SCHEMA Group has developed both the tool itself, and the server, and markets them along with other function-packed system solutions for information logistics. The company, founded in 1995, employs over 110 staff at its headquarters and development site at Nuremberg, in Germany.

Do you have translation-related questions about SCHEMA ST4? We would be pleased to assist you.

Would you like to find out more about SCHEMA ST4 and the available translation interfaces and ways it can be linked to current translation memory systems, or would you like to send us your comments about them? Are you interested in specific export options, graphic translation tools or filters in the system, or would you like information about the causes of system faults in CCMS, and easy ways to resolve them? If so, contact our SCHEMA expert Sylvia Schumacher – we’d love to hear from you.

You can find out more about oneword’s service portfolio or SCHEMA, the system supplier, here: www.schema.de/en

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