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Professional translations for the building and construction industry

The construction sector market – one of the largest and most widely interlinked branches of the German economy – has undergone considerable changes in recent years. Instead of quantity, it is quality that is now increasingly in demand. Companies that are able to build in a quality-conscious and efficient, contemporary and sustainable way advance to become economic, technical and social innovators. Digitalisation, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, drones and new types of planning software are opening up completely new opportunities in the sector.

Lack of market transparency

German companies are in high demand in the world due to their high competence and quality attributes in construction and engineering, especially for technically demanding construction projects. However, there is often a lack of sufficient market transparency in large parts of the construction industry. An official statement on construction policy (from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, 2020 Building & Housing) is therefore concerned with raising awareness of “Made in Germany” construction services in all markets at home and abroad and creating demand for them. Therefore, more of an effort needs to be made to inform and communicate with people so that products and services across the entire construction sector are made competitive and actually reach sales markets abroad. In foreign markets, therefore, enhanced communication and translation services are needed to ensure that “Made in Germany” quality is also understood in Europe and all around the world.

Translations for the construction industry: ISO 17100-tested quality and effective process innovations

Translations for the construction sector – whether for technical documentation or marketing communication – not only have to be technically and linguistically accurate, but must also comply with the legal and cultural peculiarities of the individual foreign markets and meet international quality standards. Ever faster product updates and innovation cycles, and, for example, documents that are urgently required on construction sites in the local language, also require extremely efficient processes that ensure translations in the shortest possible time, while taking into account the international quality standards required.

With our many years of industry experience along the entire construction value chain – from the construction machinery industry, building materials sector and planning professions to the contracting industry and facility management companies – and our effective solutions, we have created the ideal conditions for providing translations that conform to standards and the subject area quickly and economically in over 80 languages and more than 170 language combinations.

Construction policy demands that awareness of “Made in Germany” construction services is raised in all markets at home and abroad. The key also lies in offering more intensive, broad communication and providing information. Professional quality translations are the prerequisite for raising awareness of German construction quality abroad.

Construction industry translations: Developing and communicating international sales potential

Translations for the construction industry, engineering, architecture and trade

  • Technical translations for construction machinery

  • Marketing translations for the building and construction industry, construction machinery, building materials industry

  • Translations for construction equipment, DIY, tools and workwear

  • Technical translations for civil engineering

  • Translation for 3D printers

  • Translation for building technology, Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Translations of environmental technology and environmental services

  • Translations for specialist foundation engineering and infrastructure construction

  • Technical translations for power plant and industrial plant construction

  • Translations for contaminated site remediation, land recycling

  • Translations for construction software, construction IT

  • Translations for architecture

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