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Language service provider for the chemicals and plastics industry

The chemical and plastics industries are facing disruptive changes in the future. These developmental trends are closely related to the digitalisation of business and production processes, climate protection, sustainability issues and circular economic concepts, such as plastics recycling and renewable raw materials, renewable energies or bioplastics. In future, plastic packaging will be completely reused, recycled or recovered. Topics such as lightweight construction in the automotive industry and energy-efficient construction materials, electromobility or industrial biotechnology are presenting the chemical and plastics industry with many new challenges.

Collaborating in economic networks …

The chemical industry in Germany and Europe is well positioned to meet the future challenges in these fields of innovation. However, competitive advantages are eroding ever faster due to the growing intensity of competition globally. Value-added structures, existing processes, products and business models will change fundamentally. Products and services will include digital offerings so that customers can benefit even more. Often this is not done by a single company, but in digital networks, in which different suppliers work together to provide solutions for customers, such as in additive manufacturing (3D printing). The customers are actively involved in this and are flexible in specifying their needs.

… requires intelligent global communication processes and accelerated translation processes

This not only requires innovation and product cycles, but also acceleration and expansion of customer-focussed communication at a national and global level.

Translations for the chemicals and plastics industries therefore depend on the highly specialised knowledge of the translators and on lean translation processes in order to communicate quickly, accurately and always focused on the customer. Communication in German or English is no longer sufficient. When thinking about quality, customers and collaborative partners also expect the services and the product and operating instructions to be available in their national language and, where possible, in a digital format. Technically adept, efficient and effective communication across all national borders is becoming indispensable.

Karin Klein

Division Head

Karin Klein, oneword


Illig Maschinenbau GmbH

“We have enjoyed a friendly and extremely successful collaboration with oneword since 2014. We were impressed by their commitment and immediate willingness to explore new avenues in software translation with us from the outset. The consistently high translation quality, reliability and competence of all our contact persons, even under tight deadlines, continues to amaze us.”

Dieter Hummel, Product Manager Technical Documentation, ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Our translation services for plastics, chemical and packaging technology

Thanks to our wide-ranging and in-depth industry expertise and technical knowledge as well as state-of-the-art, innovative translation processes, we produce professional translations for the chemical and plastics industries to certified quality within the tightest time and response windows. We provide our customers with solutions that maximise their resources and budgets for international product and marketing communication for the long term, including future-oriented translation technologies:

  • Cross-sector references from the plastics and chemicals industry, packaging and food industry, renewable energies, environmental technology, packaging technologies industry and many others.
  • ISO 17100 and ISO 18587-certified, standard-compliant translation services and MTPE services (machine translation + post-editing) for the chemicals and plastics industry
  • Customer portal for automated ordering and translation management as well as automated workflows
  • Personal consultations and fast response times for customer-focused and efficient collaboration in translation management
  • Our own terminology department for terminology management in the plastics and chemicals manufacturing industry

Other translation services for powerful communication in the chemical and plastics industry

Smart workflows

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Terminology management

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