Presentation: Are you ready for MTPE?

Many companies ask themselves and us how they can use machine translation to save time and money without risking any loss of quality. Our MTPE expert Nikolina Cabraja provided an insightful answer to this question at the tcworld conference. Her presentation is now available here as a video.

Many companies have now heard that machine translation (MT) can help reduce translation costs and cut processing times. But most still shy away from using DeepL, Google Translate, and other such translators for professional communication.

As a language service provider and translation agency for business and industry, we recommend Machine Translation + Post-Editing (MTPE) for the professional use and integration of neural machine translation engines. Numerous trade media also report on how the ideal combination of modern AI technology and the in-depth expertise of native-speaking professional translators can take shape.

At the tcworld conference 2020, our MTPE expert Nikolina Cabraja took an even more in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of MTPE, also explaining how you can easily determine whether MTPE can optimize your translation processes: which types of text, target groups and language combinations are particularly suitable for using machine translation? Why does MT actually need PE? How do you start using MTPE? How extensive does the post-editing have to be? And how do you combine MTPE with translation memory systems and terminology databases effectively and economically? All these questions and more are answered in our 30-minute presentation (only available in German).


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You would like to know more about MTPE? Then we recommend our free case study, in which you will learn how the HELLA Group relies on MTPE and thereby saves up to 30 percent of its translation costs. To check if and how you can best benefit from MTPE, simply use our free checklist “Are you ready for MTPE?” (only available in German).

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