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How the standard ensures the best possible quality

In September, the translation services standard DIN EN ISO 17100 was confirmed in its current form by the ISO member countries. oneword, as an ISO 17100-certified company itself and, above all, as an active DIN member in the responsible sub-committee, had eagerly awaited the vote, and hoped for the opportunity to incorporate the experience gained and standards developed in-house into a new version of the standard together with other industry representatives.

How the standard ensures the best possible quality2022-05-17T09:34:40+02:00

What is MTPE?

By using state-of-the-art and market-ready technologies, translations can now be produced in many languages virtually at the touch of a button, to an acceptable quality and at a lower cost. And if they are integrated correctly, they can even produce professional translations suitable for business use. Machine Translation + Post-Editing (MTPE) is what makes this possible.

What is MTPE?2023-01-05T11:56:38+01:00

Machine translation in the spotlight

There is still no machine translation that is as good as human translation. Neural machine translations are now very good, but still contain errors. Nevertheless, machine translation can save a lot of money without sacrificing quality: by combining it with human post-editing.

Machine translation in the spotlight2022-05-17T09:48:26+02:00

Terminology. The easy way.

Under the motto "Terminology. The easy way." oneword sheds light on terminology work. For our in-house terminology team, an entire range of terminology work is part of their everyday job: this includes terminology extraction, cleaning up existing termbases, structuring and setting up a database or adding several languages. Our services can be scaled up as required, allowing you to see quick initial results.

Terminology. The easy way.2021-12-13T16:27:05+01:00

oneword improves its customer portal

oneword is switching to Plunet BusinessManager, allowing it to optimise its workflows and process steps in all areas of translation management. oneword's customers benefit from more convenient services with an easy ordering procedure and fast turnaround times.

oneword improves its customer portal2022-05-17T10:10:07+02:00

Good or bad? The client – ABC

How do you identify a serious translation agency? How can freelance translators, revisors and post-editors be sure that a translation agency is a reliable client? What exactly can freelancers expect when they work with oneword? We provide answers in our blog and, to conclude, offer a practical agency checklist!

Good or bad? The client – ABC2020-08-05T16:09:48+02:00

oneword is now certified to DIN ISO 18587

Highest quality in all processes – that has always been our commitment. We have been certified to the ISO 17100 translation standard since 2013 and are now also actively represented on the DIN committee. In September 2019, the next logical step was to get certified to the DIN ISO 18587 standard for the post-editing of machine-translation output.

oneword is now certified to DIN ISO 185872021-12-13T17:33:16+01:00

International localisation

Localise your marketing and sales content. Create less content, but tailor it to your target audience: this is much more effective than broad-ranging but standardized communication!

International localisation2020-08-07T11:42:24+02:00

International sales communication

Today, on the international market, he who shouts the loudest does not win. The winner is the one who can communicate credibly and in the customer's language. Sales Manager Angela Krolo explains how convincing international communication can succeed and why multilingualism is a significant advantage on the international market...

International sales communication2020-09-22T16:33:28+02:00

oneword at the University of Tübingen

At the end of June 2019, oneword GmbH will once again be holding a seminar at the University of Tübingen entitled "Career opportunities in translation and translation management: the 'field of tension' between languages and technologies" as part of the Studium Professionale programme.

oneword at the University of Tübingen2022-05-17T10:30:44+02:00
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