How does outsourcing terminology management work?

Saying the right thing with the right words – it sounds so easy. However, it can take a while before everyone in a company uses the same technical terms. Terminology management is a process that does require time and effort to begin with, but delivers incomparably greater results and savings. And it also does not necessarily mean having to block resources. Our terminology expert Jasmin Nesbigall uses successful practical examples to show you how companies can effectively outsource their terminology management.

One thing is clear to all: Misunderstandings resulting from inconsistent terminology are annoying, time-consuming and, in the worst case, dangerous. They can lead not only to delays and application errors, but also to legal issues and safety/security problems. Nevertheless, many companies, against their better judgement, avoid dealing with the topic of terminology management and investing resources in it. Basically, it’s like going to the dentist: everyone knows that regular check-ups are important and prevent major consequences, yet many either don’t like going or go far too infrequently. This is because there are latent fears and mental scenarios of the hassle, impact and costs that are not overcome until time is of the essence or the tooth really starts to hurt.

There’s really nothing to worry about! Because first of all, the company terminology is already there and “only” needs to be structured, defined and managed. And secondly, this terminology management provides clear and consistent communication and a consistent corporate image. Both make it easier for readers to understand the text and for authors and translators to do their work. That, in turn, saves time, money and resources.

Once you have seen the benefits of terminology management, the question often arises as to whether the work can be done in-house or whether it is worth outsourcing to a professional service provider. In the following video (only available in German), Jasmin Nesbigall, terminology expert and head of MTPE and terminology management at oneword, uses practical examples to explain when this is the case and what it can look like.


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