The translation system translate5: What it can do and why oneword is part of it

With translate5, a new translation system is set to revolutionise the market: Comprehensive features, open source, conceived and developed by leading international players in the industry. Here we introduce translate5 and explain why we are part of the consortium behind translate5.

Only the best for our customers, that’s why we do it ourselves

“The translation market is currently very dynamic, and while it is certainly characterized by new opportunities, there are also obvious risks. Solution providers are merging or being taken over, which has an impact on the range of tools and the quality of the solutions,” explains oneword owner Andrea Modersohn. “This is neither in our interest as a language service provider nor in the interest of our customers.”

So what can be done? “All parties involved need a ‘stable bank’, a translation system that guarantees independence and constitutes a prospectively cost-effective alternative. And that offers such a comprehensive range of services that all individual process demands can be implemented with it.”

translate5: A completely comprehensive translation system, open source and with state-of-the-art architecture

translate5 is the all-rounder of translation systems. What’s more: it’s an open-source translation management system and translation editor for professional use in the language industry. The system is especially known and appreciated for its complete “what you see is what you get” support of all file formats. That’s why we’ve been using it for so long for reviews and in post-editing.

Together, we continue to make translate5 even better

translate5 can already do a lot and do it very well. As an open-source system, however, it has what it takes to do more – and in the future it should meet all language service requirements without exception, even those where traditional systems have failed so far. Thanks to its open-source approach, translate5 offers the greatest possible flexibility in terms of integration and expandability.

In order to achieve this in the best possible way, oneword has joined forces with nine other European language service providers to form a consortium.

The common goal is to develop and complete a comprehensive translation solution that sets technical industry standards and offers a real alternative to language service providers and businesses alike.

In terms of content, the focus is on a number of new features, including the move to a highly scalable cloud infrastructure using Kubernetes and Docker (a first for an on-premises system in the industry), flexible customization of file filters via the user interface, further evaluation options for MTPE applications, and multiple usability, translation editor and project management improvements.

As the use of technology in the industry continues to grow exponentially, it is even more important to have a reliable and flexible base technology that integrates the expertise and experience of its users, is expandable and cost-effective at the same time.

The translation system from the industry for the industry

This is exactly what translate5 is. Thanks to its flexible integration options and its open-source concept, specific customer requirements for processes can be implemented quickly, flexibly and relatively cost-effectively. In general, it has been shown that the necessary base technology can be produced more economically on an open-source basis and that it produces innovations more quickly than proprietary systems.

As co-initiator and co-founder of the consortium, we are able to directly influence these expertise-intensive processes and best serve the requirements of our customers. We are doing this together with a group of companies from all over Europe who want to actively shape and use translate5 as a basic and future technology. This is supported by MittagQI’s development team, which leads the development of translate5, coordinates the community and ensures the quality of the code.

Would you like to become familiar with translate5 or find out whether translate5 could be the right translation system for your company? Write to us! We’ll be very happy to advise you.

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