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oneMTPE: our effective process for professional machine translation

Professional communication and translation processes require clear workflows and need to be handled efficiently. That is why we have developed oneServices, a “construction kit” of services and tools for effective and productive processes. In our blog series, we present them one by one.

oneMTPE – our service for using machine translation efficiently at a professional corporate level – follows on from our online correction platform oneReview, our terminology management system oneTerm and our order and customer portal oneTask.

What is MTPE again?

Machine translation (MT) now makes it possible to produce translations in many languages quickly and inexpensively. The results are usually of an acceptable quality and are suitable for retrieving information quickly and for communicating within your company in different languages. However, to date, no MT system is capable of producing consistent translations with no errors or deviations.

To ensure that MT can be used professionally in a corporate context, post-editing (PE) comes into play: this is an essential additional step in which machine-produced pre-translations are checked and edited by trained translators and linguists. Therefore, the overall process is called machine translation + post-editing (MTPE) – the optimal combination of AI-based technology and human expertise.

We also recently described the advantages of MTPE – “good, fast, cheap” – in a guest article for the tekom’s iiBlog (only available in German).

What is oneMTPE?

oneMTPE is our ISO-certified service, which now benefits numerous companies of all sizes and in all industries. It combines all the advantages, possibilities and services of MTPE in a centralised and standardised process that helps to reduce costs and save time while ensuring the quality you expect.

How does oneMTPE work?

The process consists of five important steps:
#1 Setting criteria and targets

We combine your professional expertise as the sender and our linguistic and technological expertise. Together, we determine the desired end result and which systems (MT engine, CAT tool, terminology database, etc.) will be used to achieve the required quality and an optimal workflow.

#2 Feasibility analysis

Using our oneMTPE analysis, we check whether a text and the relevant specifications are suitable for MTPE, what output quality can be achieved with different engines and what the actual value for money looks like.

#3 Terminology structure and corporate language

Readily available, generic MT systems cannot map a company’s specific vocabulary. And even with trainable engines, compliance with terminology is not always guaranteed. This makes terminology management even more essential for achieving quality in the post-editing phase that follows the machine translation. We compile your industry-specific vocabulary and your specific corporate language as a terminology base so that the human translators and the machine can access it.

#4 Post-editing

Our post-editing process is certified to DIN ISO 18587 and follows the core translator principle. To enhance the quality of the output and create a sustainable MT workflow, the post-editing process evaluates errors, records terminology and provides systematic feedback.
The aim of post-editing is to achieve “human parity”, meaning that the result should not differ from a human translation.

#5 Style guides and guidelines

Perfect translations require good specifications and foundations. Just as a good meal is based on a good recipe, our guidelines and style guides help to establish specific rules and style specifications for your company and everyone involved in the process. This means that the quality of the text can be reproduced, is sustainable and, most importantly, does not depend on individual people.

With oneMTPE, you can jump straight into machine translation, without risk, at no extra cost, and with complete data protection. You receive a high-quality full-service package that enables you to complete translation projects faster and more cost-effectively and you always receive translation results of the highest quality you have come to expect from us.

oneMTPE at a glance

  • Machine pre-translation combined with human post-editing

  • Certified post-editing in accordance with DIN ISO 18587

  • Using different leading machine translation systems, depending on their suitability

  • Individual feasibility analysis and extensive feedback processes

  • Results equivalent to human-quality translation

Would you like to exploit the benefits of machine translation to increase your productivity? Then talk to us. In an initial consultation, we explore whether your projects and languages are also suitable for oneMTPE.
If you are still unsure whether and how your company can benefit from MTPE, download our free checklist (only available in German) and take the test!

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