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The oneTask order portal for the best possible overview

Globalisation has continuously increased the demands placed on translation processes. With oneServices, oneword creates solutions for optimum translation management that do justice to the complexity of translations and manage them effectively. In our blog series, we present them one by one.

Following on from our oneReview correction platform and oneTerm terminology management system, we now take a look at our order and customer portal oneTask.

Order management can become confusing and complicated

The larger and more complex a company, the greater the number of parties involved in placing and managing translation jobs. As a rule, several systems, programmes, file formats and interfaces are used across departments, and there is soon a risk of confusion becoming a part of day-to-day business. In addition, errors become more likely because project data is often not updated in all places. Fixing these things and finding one’s way through a multitude of quotes, orders and their details involves a lot of administrative work.

At the same time, the demands on translation processes are increasing. Orders must be processed quickly and transparently without compromising on quality. But order management does not have to be complicated. Automated, centralised and lean workflows meet the challenge. This is exactly where oneTask comes into play.

oneTask enables translations to be managed centrally and transparently

oneTask helps you to keep track of your requests, orders and invoices – company-wide, in one platform and free of charge for oneword customers. The web-based order platform integrates all workflows and processes regardless of file format, order type and language combination. The central dashboard provides an overview of each quote and order status. All details are fully documented to enable real-time tracking.
You can access a history of quotes and orders and view your costs and invoices at any time. An intelligent filter function shows you exactly what you need: Data can be selected according to cost centres, order periods and order types, for example. This means that complex orders are prepared in a clear way and centrally for all project participants.

With oneTask, you reduce the time involved and increase the efficiency and quality of your translation processes. Many functions can be automated, relieving your staff of repetitive tasks. It is quick and intuitive to use, enabling any number of target languages, delivery dates and items. And the standardised order routine reduces the risk of inaccuracies and misunderstandings. Order reporting will help you to optimise your processes even further in future, because you can access numerous statistical evaluation options with just one click.

Our order platform is intuitive to use, browser-based and facilitates project management in the best possible way. As a customer, you are guided step by step through oneTask, can use customisable masks and functions, and contact the project management team directly. Uploading and downloading files centrally means that all data is available centrally and eliminates the need for exchanging information via e-mail or an FTP server.

At the same time, oneTask guarantees the highest level of data security: Sensitive data and files remain within the protected portal and are not sent via external applications. All individual data and order processes are password protected. You can also define the individual assignment of rights yourself. You choose whether those processing the project have access to the project data of the entire company or only to their own quotes and orders.

oneTask at a glance

  • Central administration and order platform

  • Overview of all quotes, orders, order files, invoices and statistics

  • Convenient order placement and automated ordering processes

  • Individual assignment of rights and configurable functionalities

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