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DIN-zertifizierte Übersetzungen

Terminology management at a glance – our range of services

  • Terminology consultancy

    Your terminology project is in good hands with us. The support and advice our terminology experts provide will create the foundations for an effective set of terminology that exactly meets your needs. At your request, we can also run specially designed terminology workshops and training courses on a range of subjects. These will provide you with the right techniques and methods for creating a well-structured, consistent set of terminology for your company, whilst saving both time and money.

  • Terminology extraction and terminology creation

    Extracting terminology from your company's text-based material, and verifying or defining terminology entries in a fixed and binding manner, are the cornerstones of creating a terminology database. This process allows you to integrate (or clean up) terminology that is already being used in your company. We work together with you to define the type, scope and structure of your future terminology entries, to create the best possible process for continued expansion.

  • Translating terminology

    Once you have specified and defined the source terminology in your company language, we can either define what its equivalent terms are in other languages, or translate it in accordance with our ISO 17100-compliant translation processes.

    Our carefully selected team of technical translators, all of whom are native speakers with specialist technical backgrounds and many years experience, ensure your terminology is translated into other languages accurately. If necessary, it can be modified to reflect your terminological requirements or suit terminology that is already present in the other languages. Our terminology experts and teams of translators will always discuss alternative suggested translations and have the translations approved by you and your local representatives.

    If you would like to know more about the various methods and steps involved in translating terminology, before, during and after the translation process, please contact our terminology experts.

  • Terminology management and terminology maintenance

    The continuous process of adding to and modifying terminology entries is a vital aspect in ensuring a well-maintained set of company terminology that is truly fit for purpose. Every time a term or a product name is modified, every time the status alters, for example preferred/inappropriate term, these changes must be recorded in the terminology. This then involves a number of administrative issues: Who has the rights to manage terminology (and which rights are these)? How can we make sure the terminology is updated and maintained on an on-going basis? How is terminology made available, and by whom (see also Terminology databases)? For more information , go to terminology databases. Working together with you, we will design processes which exactly meet your requirements whilst staying within your budget.

  • Terminology databases and online terminology management

    Terminology for everyone at the touch of a button? A smart technological solution is often the very thing that is missing when you want to make terminology available to everyone in your company. The ideal solution would be one that was quick to implement, easy to use and accepted by everyone involved. We can provide you with tailor-made systems and just the right kind of services, all based on global standards, to suit any budget. Find out more about our terminology databases.